Project List(Furnace Volume 1050m³~1080m³)

Customers List(Furnace Volume 1050m³~1080m³)
Company Name    Furnace   VolumeDate
Tangshan Donghua Iron&Steel Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd1080M³2017.03
Nanyang Hanye Special Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2017.02
Hebei Anfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2017.03
Capital Engineering&Research Incorporation Limited1080M³2017.02
Tanggang Tangyin Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2006.09
Jinxi Group1080M³2007.04
Handan MingfangIron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2007.06
Hebei Puyang Iron&Steel Group1080M³2007.08
Jinxi Group1080M³2008.06
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.01
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.04
Tangshan Donghai Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.06
Shanxi High See Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.08
Qinhuangdao Anfeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.09
Qinhuangdao Anfeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.10
Guangxi Guigang Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.11
Jiangxi Anyuan Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2009.12
Hebei Mingwshun Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2010.01
Hebei New Wuan Iron And Steel Group1080M³2010.01
Xuzhou Dongnan Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2010.03
Shaanxi Hanzhong Iron&Steel Group Company,Ltd1080M³2010.04
Wuan Wenan Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2010.05
Xuan Li Te Gang Co.,Ltd1080M³2010.06
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Shijiazhuang Branch1080M³2010.08
Wuan Yuhua Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2010.08
Tangshan Donghai Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd1080M³2010.09
Anhui Guihang Special Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2010.09
New Wuan Hongrong Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2010.11
Jiangxi Jiujiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2010.11
Xingtai Delong Steel Limited1080M³2011.01
Wuhu Fuxin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2011.01
Jincheng Fusheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2011.01
Xinxing Pipes Xinjiang Branch1080M³2011.01
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Jinding Heavy industry Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.01
Wuan Xinhui Metallurgical Industry Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.01
Chifeng Yuanlian United Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.01
Tangshan Tianzhu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2011.03
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.03
Tangshan Donghai Special Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.03
Qinhuangdao Anfeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.04
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Xingtai Longhai Iron And Steel   Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.06
Tangshan Xinglong Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.06
Luanxian Jinma Industrial Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.06
Hebei Puyang Iron&Steel Group1080M³2011.07
Tangshan Delong Steel Limited1080M³2011.08
Fujian Sangang Minguang Limited Liability Company1080M³2011.09
Tangshan Delong Steel Limited1080M³2011.10
Tangshan Donghai Special Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.11
Tangshan Xinbaotai Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2011.11
Heilongjiang Xilin Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2012.02
Fujian Sanbao Steel Group1080M³2012.03
Hebei Puyang Iron&Steel Group1080M³2012.04
Weifang Special Steel Group1080M³2012.06
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Jinding Heavy industry Co.,Ltd1080M³2012.12
Anhui Guihang Special Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2013.01
Tangshan Donghai Iron&Steel Group Special Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2013.03
Tangshan Wenfeng Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd1080M³2013.04
Hebei Puyang Iron&Steel Group1080M³2013.05
Changli Hongxing Industrial Co.,Ltd1080M³2013.06
Tangshan Delong Steel Limited1080M³2014.01
Qingdao Iron And Steel Group Co.,Ltd1080M³2014.05
Tangshan Donghai Iron&Steel Group1080M³2015.01
Hebei Iron&Steel Group Tangshan Branch1080M³2015.01
Jiangyin Taifu Xingcheng Special Material Co.,Ltd1080M³2015.01
Hebei Iron&Steel Group Tangshan Branch1080M³2015.02
Hebei Puyang Iron&Steel Group1080M³2015.06
Tangshan Tianzhu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2015.07
Changli Hongxing Industrial Co.,Ltd1080M³2015.07
Hebei Xinjin Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2015.12
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.01
Tangshan Donghai Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.01
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.04
Tangshan Donghai Special Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.05
Tanggang Tangyin Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.06
Yunnan Yuxi Yukun Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2016.06
Hebei Puyang Iron&Steel Group1080M³2016.06
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.07
Tianjin Taitong Metal Structure Manufacturing Company1080M³2016.08
Hebei Anfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2016.08
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.08
Tangshan City Fengnan District Jing'an Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd1080M³2016.10
Hebei Anfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2016.10
Hebei Anfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1080M³2016.11
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