Carburization Prevention Treatment,Process 2:Plasma Spraying Coating

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Carburization Prevention Treatment,Process 2:Plasma Spraying Coating

The plasma spraying coating for carburization prevention treatment is a national patented technology of TYMCC.which is suitable for carburization prevention treatment of water pipes used in medium-big blast furnace stave cooler.

1 The main material is metal oxide: (A)the first layer is combining layer;(B)the second layer is carburization prevention   layer;(C)the third layer is protective layer.

2 Treating method:special equipment is used for spraying coating.with higher cost

3 Coating thickness:each layer:0.03~0.05mm,total three layers:0.09~0.15mm.

4 Carburization prevention effect:

Chemical analysis:no carburization layer,carbon addition:0

Metallurgical analysis:no eutectoid steel layer

Gap between water pipe and the mother material0.1mm

Water pipe tensile strength: #10 steel300MPa

                                             #20 steel400MPa

Water pipe elongation:#10 steel28%

                                    #20 steel25%

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