Carburization Prevention Treatment,Process 1:202 Coating Material

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Carburization Prevention Treatment,Process 1:202 Coating Material

To avoid Carburization brittleness,which may occur during pipe casting and which can result in fracture of cooling water pipes with repeated expansion when heated up and contraction when cooled down during service,carburization prevention treatment must be done on water pipes.

1 The main material is metal oxide,green color.

2 Treating method:spray coating ,brush coating or dip coating,at low cost.

3 Coating thickness:0.2~0.3mm.

4 Carburization prevention effect:

Chemical analysis:average carburization0.08% within the range of 1mm depth.

Metallurgical analysis:no eutectoid steel layer.

Gap between water pipe and the mother material0.12mm

Water pipe tensile strength:#10 steel300MPa

                                            #20 steel400MPa

Water pipe elongation:#10 steel26%

                                    #20 steel23%

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